Pondicherry, Home to Old Colonial Bungalows and Beautiful Beach
Pondicherry, now Puducherry, as a spot has constantly intrigued backpackers for decades. A special mention to the colonial cabins and bungalows on the ocean side set in the midst of wonderful widely varied flora and fauna, surrounded with the charming music of the ocean in Pondicherry, let one to liquefy in the arms of the compelling charm of nature.
The beauty and charm of the spot entraps one totally with the music of the waves getting louder consistently. Travelers often stroll towards the back door of their resort located at the beach and not just offering a comfortable stay to their guests, but also letting guests to get a look at the enticing ocean right from the room window shopping in pondicherry.
The unlimited spread of perfect water with thick waves hurrying towards the sandy shore in Pondicherry is a genuine treat to the eyes. The early morning breeze completely refreshes the backpackers. The sea is simply overwhelming and spreads far and over.
Paradise beach, also known as Plage Paradiso is a popular spot here and worth visiting. It is situated around 8 kilometers from Pondicherry town and close to the mouth of the backwaters. While you are here a boat cruise to the sands through the backwaters is something that you should not skip. It relaxes your mind and body as well as unveils some stunning perspectives of Pondicherry.
You could choose your lodging as per your convenience and budget. There are some tents pitched up on the beach for the tourists to rest or simply watch the ocean or simply stroll up to the ocean and play in the waters. They are quite reasonable to your pocket. The good thing is even though the days are quite hot and the climate is not excessively accommodating, but rather the waters are cool and you can play and bathe the entire day in the free blue waters of the slick ocean shoreline lined with coconut trees. The best thing about Pondicherry shorelines is that they are not very marketed and the quiet and peacefulness is appealing. However, note that there are only a handful of food stalls, so you need to bring your own particular snacks and water.
Following a savoring day spent at the shoreline the next thing to do is venture out cruising through the backwaters once more. The town of Pondicherry is far from the buzz and chaos of city life. As you take a stroll over the tree-lined roads, the French affair with the place unveils. You could easily see that the town is full of displays of French engineering and architecture. Indeed, even a few boulevards have French names. With spic and traverse lanes that are lined as nets, the spot is a dream for those living in large urban areas. Window shopping in the local market that has an assortment of shops some offering fascinating bits of craftsmanship is also quite popular amongst tourists. Additionally there are a few pastry shops in the locality that brag of their French lineage. Make sure you halt at the pastry shops their pastries are simply worth a try.
A visit to Pondicherry would be incomplete without a stroll along the Beach road. Counted amongst the most popular places to visit in Pondicherry, it has a park for children and numerous historically significant landmarks. One of them is a four meter Gandhi statue surrounded by four grand rock columns. Other fascinating ones are the French War Memorial and the Nehru statue, a lighthouse that was built in 19th century, French consulate and the royal residence. However, the most astonishing sight is to watch the moon from the beach road.
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