3 Diverse Landscapes to Explore With India Holiday Packages
India is among the largest countries of the world in terms of area. And its territories are so diverse that tourists can experience all kinds of weather conditions and explore different landscapes while touring the country. From gigantic mountains in the north to stunning beaches in the south, India has it all. The country is also bestowed with the great Thar Desert, which is the western charm of it. These are the three things that attract tourists to explore them with India holiday packages. These diverse terrains accompanied with the rich culture and history make a trip to India a complete affair. A journey to India is befitting for tourists who like adventure as well as a peaceful vacation in the realm of nature length of coastline of indian states.
India is gifted with some of the most spectacular beaches of the world, and for this reason, hordes of globetrotters are drawn to this destination. The over 7500 km long coastline of this nation is bestowed with countless beaches that offer something for everyone. From vibrant and happening beaches of Goa to serene shores of Kerala, this peninsula indeed is a treasure box. Because of this fact, these places have become a common name in India holiday packages. The sandy beaches of Goa fringed by palm trees gain most of the tourist attention. Party lovers from all over the world travel to this small Indian state to experience fun-filled celebrations on its wonderful beaches.
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